Sunday, May 6, 2012

The FA Cup 2012 Final: Chelsea v Liverpool at Wembley

FINAL Piala FA: Chelsea lawan Liverpool
Jam 12.15 pagi 6 Mei 2012 (waktu Malaysia). Sila tengok LIVE di Channel 813 Star Sports (Astro)
Jangan confuse..maknanya jam 12.15 tengah malam ni...okay.

Chelsea v Liverpool
The FA Cup with Budweiser 2012 Final
5.15pm, Saturday 5 May 2012
Wembley Stadium
Winning club to receive £1.8m, Runners-up to receive £900,000 from The FA's Prize Fund.

Team colours
Blue Shirts, Blue Shorts, White Socks; GK White, White, Purple
Red Shirts, Red Shorts, Red Socks; GK Black, Black, Black 

Match Officials
 Philip Dowd (Staffordshire FA)
Assistant Referee Stuart Burt (Northamptonshire FA)
Assistant Referee Andrew Garratt (Staffordshire FA)
Fourth Official Michael Jones (Cheshire FA)
Reserve Assistant Referee Simon Long (Cornwall FA)

Match Ball Umbro Neo II Professional

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